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Mike Francis is Superhuman.  That’s a fact.  Ever since picking up a pencil at the age of 6 he’s proved it.  Now into his 74th year he still draws and paints up to 10 hours every day – no day off, through illness, whether it’s cloudy or sunny, busy or lazy days, the drug of creation keeps him at the easel and to date he has produced over 5000 works.   Now at last, he’s overcome the inertia of embracing technology and produced this website to showcase a life in the artworld. 

Everything is here – from his early days as a commercial illustrator in Soho and Hatton Garden through the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s to becoming a freelance artist with the Treadwell Gallery from 1974-1990 and then his latest paintings and shows with Whitford Fine Art, Messums and Plus One.  If life is supposed to be all about the journey then Mike has travelled the world many times over, and still hasn’t finished yet. To gain credibility as an artist takes time and Mike’s work is testament to this – a prolific output and accomplished technician, Mike ‘builds’ his paintings to create a narrative artwork – there are always references that can be found within his work that tell a story.  So, when you view  a painting take your time, consider the title, study the people and the landscapes, because there is always a surprise in there somewhere.   

Many of Mike Francis’ paintings are tenderly observed studies: balancing on skyscraper heals, a young lady adjusts her shoe, a fragile young girl seems to drift ghost –like across a misty pond; a couple resigned to the background appear peaceful and contained, both entirely involved in their thoughts.  These are the scenes of everyday life, as varied as the worked from which Mike Francis draws his inspiration.
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